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What is the sound insulation and noise reduction effect of PC endurance board?

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What is the sound insulation and noise reduction effect of PC endurance board?

In order to make your own life better and quieter, or to pursue a perfect and quiet natural environment for life, you must choose some very reasonable sound-absorbing materials, such as PC endurance board. This kind of new materials has long become a warm welcome to many customers. . So what is the sound insulation and noise reduction effect of PC endurance board? What are the harms of noise?



Sound insulation and noise reduction effect of PC endurance board

1. If you are working for a long time or living in a natural environment where the sound shell exceeds 90, it will seriously harm your English hearing and cause other diseases such as heart and blood vessels. Noise also has a psychological effect, and it is easy to be excited if it is exposed to high-frequency noise. It is also easy to feel very upset and listless, and it can also endanger work efficiency.


2. Today's areas such as residential quarters, commercial office buildings, industrial plants, etc., have already used PC endurance panels for sound insulation. In practical activities, I have already felt the most practical effect produced by the PC endurance board sound insulation window.


3. In fact, the most critical part of the thermal insulation performance of the PC endurance board sound insulation window is polycarbonate, which accounts for 80% of the total area. The PC board developed by this type of raw material has a very good singing effect. In addition, it is the sealing characteristics of windows and doors. In the sales market, some sound-proof windows are based on the basic principle of resonance and scattering of sound wave frequencies and cooperate with lotus roots. Different PC endurance boards are used to form the structure, which can also improve the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction.


3. As far as the airtightness of sound insulation windows is concerned, high-quality sealing strips and plastic-sealed parts must be applied. To a certain level, it can also solve the problem of poor airtightness of PC endurance board sound insulation windows.


35-1 Polyester fiber endurance board

Which is better, toughened glass canopy or PC endurance board

The load-bearing effect of the canopy with the ability to resist wind and snow is a problem that everyone cares about, so which of the two canopies has the stronger load-bearing effect? Because tempered glass is heavier, if it is not fixed, the adverse effects of falling can not be predicted. Therefore, the framework of tempered glass canopy is very strict.


The PC endurance board canopy PC endurance board fixed at the top is very simple, the PC endurance board is fixed according to the frame lock and the upper sealing strip. This kind of fixing method is based on the simple and flexible characteristics of the PC endurance board, and it can be firmly adhered immediately without glue. According to the test, the PC endurance board canopy can withstand the 13-level typhoon and 35mm thick snow. The tempered glass exploded easily in extreme weather, which is very risky.


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