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What’s the differences between ABS plastic and polycarbonate plastic?

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What’s the differences between ABS plastic and polycarbonate plastic?


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene aka ABS is a thermoplastic material that is made out of these three materials which are used widely in housing, electronic, and pipe fittings materials. ABS is also a high impact resistant material that can be sometimes used as an alternative to polycarbonate. However, the strength, flexibility, transparency, and impact resistance of polycarbonate is much higher than ABS.


Then, we are going to show you the difference between polypropylene vs polycarbonate.




Polycarbonate is a strong and extremely impact resistant thermoplastic material, making it suitable for applications requiring higher strength. However, ABS is a mixture of three materials that are commonly used to form various shapes and finishes. It also has excellent impact resistance but is not equal to PC sheets.


Polycarbonate is a transparent material with excellent transparency and excellent light transmittance, so there are many types of translucent polycarbonate sheet. ABS, on the other hand, is an opaque material.


88.translucent polycarbonate sheet 


Polycarbonate is a transparent material that is resistant to ultraviolet light and can replace glass and metal products, making it ideal for windows (polycarbonate sheets for windows) and roofing panels (clear polycarbonate roofing sheet). It also provides good light transmittance. The weatherability makes it more suitable for windows and clear roofing sheets in areas prone to extreme weather conditions.


ABS also has impact resistance, but is significantly less strong than other alternatives. In general, it has no UV protection. It is an opaque material and therefore does not provide light transmittance. However, ABS is not widely used. It is commonly used in computer keyboards, electrical components, Lego blocks, car parts, etc.


Polycarbonate can be used to decorate domes, riot shields, large aquariums, walls (twin wall polycarbonate sheets), and many other areas where absolute maximum strength is required.


ABS plastic has high impact resistance, but in application. It can't withstand shocks the way PC plastic can. This is why the use of this plastic is limited to small parts and suitcases, briefcases, etc. When you need a hard-shell suitcase and don’t require a long lifespan, ABS suitcases can be carried comfortably. They provide excellent look and strength for luggage, and you can get a good deal on a cheap budget. 

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