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Why Do PC Panels Crack And Leak?

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Why Do PC Panels Crack And Leak?

Nowadays, the world has taken a new look no matter what field you are from. There are thousands of companies that operate the different businesses and the polycarbonate panel for example.

The advantages of PC panels have got universally good recognition and compliment from the whole industry and other industries. With the swift development of the PC panel industries which providing various products like polycarbonate hurricane panels, many customers have mentioned that the PC endurance board has presented a leakage phenomenon. A brief introduction to the reasons will be illustrated in the following passage:


1、 The Various Design Scheme


The technological properties of the PC endurance board are far away from that of a glass of fiberglass greenhouse panels, aluminum, and marble, which is especially significant for the products displaying their real functions. The coefficient of linear expansion of PC board is about 7 times that of a commonplace glass of clear fiberglass roof panels. The change of the joint in the middle of the PC endurance board is much larger than that of ordinary glass or aluminum. If the lighting roof of PC board is designed by the book or according to the working experience of glass lighting roof at no time so that it will not go through calculation, The glue joint of PC board flat roof will crack on account of the big change of the joint, leading to water seepage.


2、 Installation Related Factor


Due to the relatively low density of PC endurance board of polycarbonate skylight panels, whose weight is one of twelve or even fifteen of the net weight of glass in the same volume. Of course, it is very easy to carry and install and can alleviate the impact brought from the weight of the building itself. However, owing to the light net weight of the PC board, the surface deflection value caused by wind load or other external forces must be taken into consideration when you install green polycarbonate roof panels so as to avoid the deformation and cracking of the sealing connector. If the installation surface of steel purlin is not on the same inclined plane, it may be seen that good installation technology is the key factor of the panel board.


3、 Selection Of Sealants


As we all know, poor-quality sealants of multiwall polycarbonate panels are one of the key reasons for cracking and water seepage of lighting roof of PC endurance board control panel. Therefore, if you want to eschew the problems, you should select carefully to make sure the quality of your sealants of white polycarbonate roof panels is good.


4、 Improper Application And Maintenance


PC endurance board is not complying with the maintenance regulations The board of insulated polycarbonate roof panels is exposed to external factors leading to leakage. In general, we should pay more attention to avoid the causes of cracking and leakage of the PC endurance board. Once the PC endurance board of translucent polycarbonate panels is found to be cracked, it should be repaired immediately to prevent endangering the application of the PC endurance board.


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