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Why does PC endurance board crack?

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Why does PC endurance board crack?

The advantages of PC endurance board have gained mutual recognition and five-star praise from industry and non-industry personnel. With the continuous development of the scale of application and operation, some customers have reported that PC endurance board will have the problem of leakage. The reasons are briefly introduced below.



Causes of cracking and leakage of PC endurance board

1. Design plan: The process performance of PC endurance board is very far away from glass, aluminum and marble. The linear expansion coefficient of PC board is about 7 times that of ordinary glass. The seam in the middle of PC endurance board is changed compared with ordinary glass or aluminum. It is much larger. If the PC board light roof is designed according to the work experience of the glass light roof immediately, without calculation, the glue seam of the PC board flat roof will be cracked due to the large change in the joints, resulting in water seepage.


2. Installation: Because the relative density of PC endurance board is low, it is 1/12-1/15 of the net weight of the same volume of glass, which is convenient to carry and install, and can reduce the weight of the building itself, but because the net weight of PC board is relatively light, it must be considered when installing The surface deflection value caused by wind load or other external forces can prevent the deformation and cracking of the sealing connector. In addition, the device surface of the steel purlin does not have the same slope. It can be seen that good device technology is a key factor.


31-1 PC endurance board


How to improve the cracking of PC board

1. In the process of transportation and storage, it must be properly lined, packaged, and laid flat, because any slight damage (such as scratches) on the surface of the plate will develop into a crack. And do not store the board and other chemical substances in the same place, because volatile matter will cause chemical stress cracking on the surface of the board.


2. Regardless of the type of processing, cutting tools or tools, do not cause any damage to the non-processing parts of the PC endurance sheet, and the cut should be as smooth as possible. Slight damage can also cause serious cracks.


3. The protective film must not be damaged or removed before the PC endurance board is installed to avoid scratching the surface.


4. It is not allowed to nail the board directly to the frame, otherwise the expansion of the polycarbonate flat sheets will produce high stress and the edge of the perforation will be damaged.


5. If the curvature of the bent sheet is too small, the mechanical strength and chemical resistance of the sheet will drop sharply. In order to avoid dangerous stress cracking on the exposed side, the bending radius of the PC endurance board shall not be less than 175 times the thickness of the endurance board.



Have you mastered the causes and solutions of the cracking of hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet above? Follow us to learn more about corrugated polycarbonate sheet and polycarbonate roof panels.

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